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Kamikaze Kaitou Jeanne Ep 37: A Boy with a Demon's Heart

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Maron in the car
Source: TV
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Added 12/17/2012
Updated 1/7/2013
Episode 37, scene 21, cut 8. Coming in soon after the last, this cut shows Maron responding with prudent caution to Hijiri-sensei’s suave proposals.

It’s worth visiting the first thumb for Yoshihiro Sugai’s rough, done in his distinctive “flurry” style of sketching. There Maron looks to be making a little embarrassed “heh-heh-heh” giggle. True, she’s on the defensive, having just had her secret identity outed, and the history teacher is nothing if not a player. But at some point the animation team opted to have Maron suspicious rather than embarrassed. She’s vulnerable and confused by the odd properties of Zen’s demonic possession, and with Fin missing for some unexplained reason and Chiaki now (seemingly) out of the picture, she certainly could use some magical backup.

But as we see later in the episode, she’s not about to step back and play a supporting role until she knows just what this hunky prof’s game is. See the nearly full shuusei in the second thumb (probably also by Sugai but in a more finished style) to see how her canny instincts got played up in the final image.

Yeah, unfortunately most high school girls know better than to trust sensei types, even if they do accept the occasional ride home in their Masaratis.

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