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A Tree of Palme 1: Palme and Popo

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A Tree of Palme 1: Palme and Popo (Page 1)

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Koram Gives the Egg to Palme 1
Source: Movie
Layers: 1
Sketches: 2
Cel Number: D43, E3
Oversize, 21W x 14H

Key Cel
No Background

Added 11/9/2012
Updated 1/16/2013

Cut 217. Koram has mysteriously materialized in the hut of Palme’s creator, and her charisma awakens and attracts the puppet, who thinks she is Xian, his dead mistress. His curiosity in turn arouses the eerie warrior who had passed out from exhaustion. Then she reaches into the pouch she has been carrying and presents Palme with the mystical Egg of Touto. Sequence numbers: D43 (Koram and Palme, key), E3 (Palme’s face, key)

This cel came up for sale in the fall of 2012. I’d already obtained the end set-up from the following Cut 219 (see next item), along with the original matching background. But I found this image even more compelling, so I’ve added it to the gallery, scanning it against the canvas-sized production background. This was quite challenging to do, requiring three separate scans that had to be basted together. The dougas were equally huge, and as they were all partials I chose not to image them.

This scene is one of the most frequently “quoted” ones from the movie, judging from the numbers of screen caps used by reviewers. It is certainly one that was done with extraordinary care, using generously oversized (21 x 14 in) cels and a wide range of painting techniques. Notice the subtle puff of airbrushing that gives the Egg its three dimensionality. Vapalla’s Cels has a sequence-mate, the D38, showing Koram handing the Egg to Palme, a drop-dead lovely image that convinced me that I should be collecting my own Palme cels.

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