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Cut 137. Ginko meets Setsu by the white bamboo
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Added 11/8/2012
Ginko sees that the largest white stalk marks the epicenter of the grove where Kisuke is trapped. When he approaches it, he finds Setsu drawing water from the stalk. Pointedly, he asks if he can have some, and the woman nervously declines, saying her mother had told her not to give it anyone. But she admits that she did once give Kisuke a sip, and Ginko at once understands exactly what has happened.

A folklorist too understands. In fairy traditions around the world, it is considered very dangerous to accept anything to eat or drink from one of the Folk (Motif C211.1), because to do so traps you in their world forever (Type ML.4077). While this episode is given a quasi-scientific explanation by the learned mushishi, in fact it is based on a well-known legend type in which a mortal male is enthralled and imprisoned by a lovely femme fatale he meets in the uncanny woods.

The copy layout (first thumb) is actually quite close to the final scene, except that the “mother” stalk is too fat. A separate sketch (second thumb) brought it more in line with the natural bamboo stalks.

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