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Cut 156. Ginko and the cherry tree (first state)
Source: TV
Layers: 1
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Added 11/8/2012
Profiled by the sliding door, with the old cherry tree shedding its sakura blossoms in the yard outside, Ginko starts to give Sayo his advice on how to protect the parts of her memory that are most precious to her.

The studio took special care with this cut, as it’s one of the most memorable in this scene. Ginko sits just inside the sliding door, in full diffused light, while we see the sinister tree just outside, framed by the outline of the open doorway. The copy layout in the thumbnail is one of the best I got with this set, requiring a close look with a loupe to confirm that it is a color copy. Yet see how “wooden” the tree is in that layout, and how creepily “alive” it is in the art board above.

Alas, the construction of the sliding door behind him wasn’t right: the solid part is too tall, and the panes need to be bigger. So this art board was evidently rejected and replaced by the next item.

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