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Cut 173. “I’ll go out and find my husband!”
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Added 11/8/2012
Sayo astounds the others by proposing to go on a trip to track down her long-absent husband. Kaji is apprehensive, as he has a suspicion about why his father has been so long returning home, and Ginko silently wonders if he’s given bad advice.

Well, Kaji’s worries are justified. One wonders what would have happened if Penelope had risen from her loom in Ithaca and gone out to see what was keeping Odysseus so long. If she’d gotten as far as the island of Calypso, then she might well have turned around and gone home, ripped her own weaving from the loom, and taken one of the bothersome suitors to bed. And would this have been such a sad ending to that epic?

Take a moment to visit the very funny copy layout, which has been adapted directly from an image in Urushibara's manga version.

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