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A Little Mysterious Warrior
Source: Unknown
Layers: 1
Sketches: 1
Cel Number: A7
Standard size

No Background

Added 7/28/2012
Updated 7/28/2012
This feisty warrior seems to be crossing a glacier, dangerously tilted down to the right, and has met with bad company, a pack of hungry wolves. He’s come prepared, though, and he looks ready to manage the one who’s leading the attack. But if he misses with that sword, the two companions are sure to get him from behind. Somehow, though, I have a good feeling that this mysterious little fellow is going to survive. Sequence number: A7.

This colorful and dramatic cel appealed to me on Takamura’s “Unidentified” page, though it still remains a mystery to me. I’d think that the distinctive design of the warrior’s shield (repeated upside down on his chestplate) would help, or that impressive headband. But some initial searches and a query on Anime-Beta all turned up empty.

The cel came with a rather vague copy layout (see thumb) that also gives no series information and labels the context as “3 – 12,” which looks like a Toei-style scene + cut designation. The trace lines, while soft in the headband, are otherwise very sharp, and the acetate is in fine shape so I’d guess that the cel is no older than the 1990s.

One Betarian suggested that it might be from one of the Sega or Playstation games that were being put together by the dozens during this time, perhaps a character in a Wonderboy-style plot with a Viking or Northern European emphasis. I have some MKR sketches marked “32 – 2” that I believe were used in the Playstation game version of this series. So if games also used the "scene + cut" numbering system, that would make sense out of the odd numbering on the layout.

If anyone can provide an ID or a better guess, please let me know.

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