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Fujitaka: “Oh, don’t bother...”
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Added 5/1/2012
Updated 8/14/2016
Ep. 22 (Sakura and Her Kind Father). After Sakura destroys Fujitaka’s laptop while capturing The Sleep, he is forced to reconstruct the academic presentation he was writing, Sakura hears a big thump in his study. She finds that her father, clumsy from fatigue, had knocked over a stack of books, and at once she starts to pick them up. Her father, not wanting to make her feel guiltier, tries to tell her not to bother.

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This simple but effective rough came to me in a YHJ grab bag, along with several sketches from Ep. 32. It probably was drawn by Masaru Kitao, animation director for both of these episodes (as well as seven other CCS episodes and sections of both movies). Like other Madhouse animators, he later worked on later CLAMP-related projects such as Chobits and Kobato, as well as Galaxy Angel and NANA. However, he is best known as the character designer and chief animation director of Death Note.

In another gallery, you can see a number of additional sketches Kitao did as assistant animation director for the classic Episode 12 of the first season of Rozen Maiden.

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