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"That’s right!"
Source: TV
Layers: 2
Sketches: 2
Cel Number: A15E
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Added 4/29/2012
Updated 11/9/2014
Cut 108. And in response to Karada’s somewhat indiscreet question, Shōko’s expression turns to this pretty smile. Yes, she was beautiful, and yes, she was sexy, and yes, she did have someone she really, really liked. The memory, for a moment, visibly lights up her face.

This was a very tricky moment, as you can see from the layout (thumbnail), which is smiley but all in the wrong way. All of the sketches, however, were partials, as the change of expression was overlaid on an outline of the A4 genga seen before. So I’ve featured a digital combination of the A15E eye-and-mouth partial douga with a base layer of Shōko’s head and body. Like many dougas, it is the result of much fine-tuning work, and it is exactly right.

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