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Amelia and a Friend Celebrating
Source: TV
Layers: 2
Sketches: 5
Cel Number: A1-A5, B1-B3
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Added 4/29/2012
Updated 5/29/2017

This cheerful set of gengas came to me in a big batch that I picked up in 2007. Most of these were scanned at the time and uploaded. However, this was when I was planning my big retirement move to Cephiro, and so others needing special attention got filed away for later attention. Well ... about two years ago, as I was doing my tenth anniversary of collecting, I remembered this big set and tracked down where they were stored. These were put together with long strips of yellowing celotape, so I set them aside again until I had time to give them the care they deserved.

Finally this time came earlier this year during my annual Lenten “cel/sketch crawl” through neglected books and boxes. It took two long sessions with eucalyptus oil and a craft knife, but all the tape came off safely, and the sketches, now backed with a cardstock board, are good for the duration.

So who blames them for celebrating a little?

Not knowing the original context, I followed my instincts in constructing the reanimation. The original sketches are labeled A1/B1 (the two together), B2 (guy alone), A2/B3 (two together), A3 (Amelia alone leaping), A4 (Amelia alone landing). As the B1 and B2 seemed to make a bank, I pasted the A1 into the B2 and then alternated this combo with the complete A1/B1 four times. Then I followed with the complete A2/B3 sketch, and added the guy’s B3 image to Amelia’s A3 and A4 keys. Then I fooled with the timing until I got something that looked credibly festive.

I’ve added still scans of the most interesting of these sketches, the A1/B1 and the A3 to the thumbs. If any Slayers fan recognizes this scene, I’d be happy to upgrade this description.

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