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Syrius no Densetsu/The Sea Prince and the Fire Child (Sanrio, 1981)

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Malta Watches Syrius Go Splash
Source: Movie
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Cel Number: B58
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Added 1/21/2012
Updated 11/16/2013
The inquisitive Syrius, who has gotten a glimpse of Malta in a previous scene, sneaks back to the holy flame at the edge of the sea. When Malta spots him, she at first retreats to the fire for protection. Then, seeing that the blaze hurts the newcomer, she flits over to another place that isn’t so hot.

The spot she lands is cooler, but she’s in truth the hot one, so Syrius at once tries to jump up out of the water to join her. Unfortunately, he forgets that while he can “fly” in his native element, he can’t hover around in mid-air like his new friend, so he ends up doing an embarrassing belly-flop back into the sea.

As this happens, Malta at first reacts with alarm, then, as he submerges, she breaks out in a highly amused smile. Sequence number: B58.

See the thumbnail for a closer look at Malta’s amused expression (and the hand-drawn trace lines!)

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