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Pippi Longstocking (Miyazaki/Takahata, 1971): Color Tests

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Pippi: Character Design
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Added 8/3/2011
Updated 7/4/2016
This transparency included only the image of Pippi with no background, so it seems to be essentially a color settei image of her. Miyazaki gave her the canonical fiery red hair tied up so tightly into braids that they stick out straight on both sides. The long skinny legs with mismatched long stockings are also typical, though most images show one sock having either vertical or horizontal stripes. The unusually large shoes or clogs are also typical of images of Pippi from Swedish editions.

However, the roguish look and the buck teeth are pure Miyazaki. It is interesting, though, that the preliminary drawings in the Kodansha Image Boards book do not show the buck teeth, though some suggest a visible gap between her two front teeth. Miyazaki reworked his Pippi character designs (minus the long legs) into Mimika, the girl protagonist of the two short Panda Kopanda movies, directed by Takahata (1972-73). Much later, Miyazaki revisited the Pippi/Mimika designs as inspiration for the little girl Mei in My Neighbor Totoro (1988).

The thumbnail includes an unaltered scan of the transparency so that you can get a better sense of how the actual photographic image has darkened with time. Nevertheless, the information in the photo remains crisp and detailed, and it was not difficult to restore the original color balance digitally.

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