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Pippi Longstocking (Miyazaki/Takahata, 1971): Color Tests

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Pippi dangling out of a window
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Added 8/3/2011
Updated 7/4/2016
Here is Pippi more in her typical exuberant mood, dangling her legs out of a window. One of her clogs has already come loose and is swinging from her toe.

The background, as with other images in this set, is really quite complicated: you get glimpses of a metal gutter and drainpipe, along with a flowering vine growing up the side of the house to the left. Inside you can see glimpses of heavy wooden beams along the ceiling and another window just to Pippi’s left. All these details are easy to locate in Miyazaki’s more finished studies of the Villa Villekula (see the inset image in the description of "Pippi carrying her horse"), so we can identify the window as the one on the front of the house, just to the left of the front porch onto which she toted Ol’ Feller.

So I’d guess she’s excitedly welcoming her next-door neighbors, Tommy and Annika Settergren, as they stop by for a visit.

It is, however, a sign of the haste with which tests like these were produced that the cel layer of Pippi matches up with the windowsill on the bottom and on the right, but visibly misses the top window frame. You can get a better look at this mismatch in the thumbnail. Still it’s a beautiful image, full of quirky character.

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