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Pippi Longstocking (Miyazaki/Takahata, 1971): Color Tests

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Pippi in the chimney
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Added 8/3/2011
Updated 7/4/2016
This humorous image shows Pippi evidently exploring one of the chimneys of the Villa Villekula from the bottom up. Her face is darkened and powdered with soot, and even her bright red hair has been darkened a few degrees. In so doing, she’s dislodged a blackbird’s nest, which now is perched on top of her head with two worried nestlings inside.

The chimney showed how the background painter improved on the outlines provided in the preliminary drawing copied onto the middle plastic sheet. In some places the cracks were included in the sketch, but the artist extended them, making a realistic set of cracks in the plaster facing over the bricks. If you visit the thumbnail, You can get a look at the interplay between copied sketch (look for black “sand”) and watercolored background.

When I bid on this lot, it was described as containing six tests, and when I took delivery, I found that the transparencies occupied the six slots in an album page designed to store 4x5 slides. Turning it over, I found to my surprise that there was a seventh image – this one – in one of the slots on the back, which no one at the auction site had noticed.

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