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Souseiseki attacks Suigintou: A4
Source: TV
Layers: 1
Sketches: 3
Cel Number: A4
Standard size

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Added 7/14/2011
Updated 4/11/2019
And here she is just before she smashes through the TV or computer screen and messily decapitates the unfortunate viewer. This really is an amazing sketch, the more so as it was given just 1/12 second on the screen. See how beautifully that fluttering bow at Sou’s neck is rendered against the complex ruffled background.

And the eyes are genuinely riveting, a fine focal point around which the viewer’s eyes keep circling, exploring the rich details of the costume, hair, and cutlery, then revisiting them again and again. A terrific, terrific piece of art.

Take time to look at the thumbs, where I’ve added the layout and shuusei. The layout is a strong piece of work, with the fluttery bow already at work. And notice how the artist gently sketched out where Sou’s left arm would be, so that her elbow would stick out in the anatomically right place between her hat and waving hair.

Good, but not good enough. The shuusei by Senior Animation Director Kumi Ishii (who was also episode AD for 1 and 12) repositions both arms to make Sou’s pose more dynamic and makes the eyes and snarling mouth more intense.

Office F&O produced a rilezu cel from this image. However, as this set came with a complete set of dougas, a "clean-up sketch" must have been sold with this repro.

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