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Kitaro running
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Added 7/11/2011
Updated 5/8/2017
Kitarō 4: Episode 69 [Devil Bel and the Kettle], cut 2-33. Kitarō is evidently running from something: see how Medama-oyaji (“Papa Eyeball”) is looking back to see if it’s gaining on them.

This set consisted of two rough sketches, which seem to have combined into a bank. Here is another “flicker” that suggests the action.

However, you’ll see that during the action, Kitarō looks up at his Dad, who looks back, and they exchange some strategy. This second rough sketch is in the first thumb. In the second thumb is another preliminary sketch, done entirely in blue pencil. These “blues” were common in the material that I got from Toei’s Powerpuff Girls Z, so I assume that they were a standard step in this studio’s process. As with the PPGZ sketches, this one is simple but very cleverly done, especially the details of Kitarō’s fluttering clothes, so I assume that “blues” were done by Toei’s senior animators.

The upper corner contains an interesting little diagram that shows how the frame jiggles up and down and back and forth during the cut, giving the illusion that a real hand-held camera is traveling with Kitarō and trying to track him as he pounds along the track. That’s a little technique that arrived late in anime, though it’s often used now in CGI series, which is another reason that I think this set is from the 1990s Kitarō 4.

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