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Kitaro and Neko Mesume startled
Source: TV
Layers: 1
Sketches: 3
Cel Number: C1 END
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Added 7/11/2011
Updated 5/8/2017
Kitarō 4: Episode 72 [Appear! The Heavenly Fox's Underground Kingdom], cut 17-11. This layout image shows Kitarō and his companion Neko Mesume startled by some complication. The layout came with a revision on the other side (first thumb) that changed the poses of both characters a little, which the genga artist followed in the more finished images. These were on separate layers, so I add only the C1 tome image of Kitarō (second thumb), a nicely done image.

Notice how the Neko Mesume slides into the frame from below. To accommodate this, her genga was done in the corner of a much larger sheet of paper (not imaged).

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