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Added 3/2/2011
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The protagonist of the series is Maron Kusakabe, the stereotypical normal high school female student with a secret identity (more on this in the next item). More to the point, she lives by herself, her mother and father having abandoned her years ago. So she is typical of the adolescent characters who are, through some trick of the plot, finding their way in the world without the help of parents. (In my view, though, this simply means that the absent parents are hiding under the faces of other characters in the anime.)

She is outgoing and cheerful, and spends a great deal of time practicing her sport, rhythmic gymnastics. This pretty portrait, in fact, shows her experiencing the delight such an athlete feels when her floor routine is going well in rehearsal.

Her seiyuu was Houko Kuwashima, whose resume of voice roles in both anime and video games is extensive. Besides Maron, her two most notable roles were Sango in Inuyasha and Filia in Slayers Try.

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