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Episode 14.A wedding dress is the target
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Added 3/2/2011
Updated 9/24/2017
ターゲットはウェディングドレス花嫁衣裳. This episode involves an especially tricky situation: a demon has possessed a dress that one of Maron’s teachers plans to wear at her wedding. She knows that the demon needs to be captured, but does not want to steal the outfit and spoil the event. The climax, in which her alter-ego Jeanne manages to finesse this situation and escape Miyako’s trap, includes some impressive dramatic images.

Tetsuo Imazawa was the director, one of six he took on. The dramatic layout, showing Jeanne momentarily set back in the battle, may be this artist's work.

An old Toei hand, he had done episode direction for the classic series Rose of Versailles and Ikkyuu-san , as well as being chief director for the 1970s series Candy Candy. He has remained active in animation, showing up with other Toei artists in the credits of the recent Kaidan Restaurant .

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