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Episode 16.A first kiss illuminated by moonlight
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Added 3/2/2011
Updated 9/24/2017
ファースト初キスは月光に輝 (First Kiss wa Gekkō ni Kagayaku!) One of the turning points of the series, this episode is, like many classic anime plots, intertwined with a school performance of Western fairy tale ending with a forbidden kiss. The performance of the fairy tale is interrupted before the kiss gets planted (like another one that CCS fans know full well), but the magical adventure in this episode comes a much steamier conclusion. Meantime the puppets used in the play are used effectively for comic by-play when poor Maron finds she’s been stuck playing the grandma who gets eaten by the wolf.

The story’s debt to Cardcaptor Sakura, both in the manga and anime, is pretty clear throughout. The creators of that anime series acknowledged this influence by creating a filler episode featuring “Kaitou Sakura” in an adventure based on one of the first jobs Maron/Jeanne carries out in Tanemura’s manga.

The episode was directed by Takao Yoshizawa, who did what seems to have been the normal assignment of six episodes. This animator had done similar roles for other Toei projects, including Sailor Moon, Precure, and Digimon. Yoshizawa most recently did episode direction for the 1996 remake of Gegege no Kitaro, and also directed one of the spin-off movies.

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