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Episode 18.The demon attacks the friendship medal
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Added 3/2/2011
Updated 9/24/2017
悪魔が襲う友情の勲章 (Akuma ga Osou Yūjō no Kunshō). This episode explores the backstory of Maron’s and Miyako’s unstable friendship. Prone from childhood to say exactly what’s on her mind, regardless of how it affects others, Miyako grows up a solitary child, disliked by her peers. Then Maron, understanding her companion’s situation, cheers her up by making a medal for her during a craft activity. “It’s ugly...” Chibi-Miyako says, characteristically, “and it’s heavy ...” but her words roll off the admiring Chibi-Maron.

The episode director was Jungo Shimizu, who also directed Ep. 33. Shimizu does not seem to have remained long in animation, but soon after turned to live action work. I turn up his name in the crew of one of Showtime’s Masters of Horror episodes, “Dream Cruise” (2007) which was set and filmed on location in Tokyo.

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