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Episode 24. Luxury cruise monkey panic
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Added 3/2/2011
Updated 9/24/2017
豪華客船モンキー騒動(パニック) (Gōka Kyakusen Monkey Sōdō (Panic)). This episode revolves around a precious gem that has become the home of a demon. To keep it safe from Kaitou Jeanne during a cruise, its owner hides it in the collar of her pet monkey, which at the critical moment becomes flustered and falls overboard. Jeanne has to resort to a Tarzan-like swing from the ship’s rigging to save the monkey. This is another episode for which I have found only one sketch set, and again it comes from a critical moment, with Jeanne just finishing her daredevil swing with the monkey (and the precious jewel) safe in her arms.

The episode director was Noriyo Sasaki, who had previously done Ep. 11, another story with lots of action and virtuoso moves.

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