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Episode 34. Confession of Separation! I’ll never believe anyone again
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Added 3/1/2011
Updated 9/24/2017
別離宣言!もう誰も信じない!! (Betsuri Sengen! Mou Daremo Shinjinai!!") This crucial episode, for which I’ve been lucky enough to find several sketch sets, describes Maron’s reaction to learning at long last that her solicitous neighbor, the hunky guy Chiaki, is really Kaitou Sinbad, the servant of the devil. The audience has known this all along, and since Chiaki and Sinbad look exactly alike, apart from hair color, it’s something of a mystery that it takes Maron/Jeanne so long to catch on.

Nevertheless, this episode is paced well, beginning with a flashback to the steamy kiss Sinbad gave Jeanne at the end of Ep. 16 (as seen in the genga featured above). It concludes with one of the best battles with a demon-of-the-week.

Much of this can be attributed to the episode director, Mitsuo Hashimoto. He previously had extensive experience with the Dragon Ball franchise, starting with the opening series, then with Dragon Ball Z, and then six of the DBZ movies, three times as overall director. Hashimoto later returned as episode director for the 1996 sequel Dragon Ball GT. After directing two episodes of Chobits, this animator has most recently been active in the Bakugan franchise, contributing storyboards, animation direction, and series direction to several avatars of this recent hit.

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