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Source: TV
Layers: 1
No sketches available
Cel Number: A1 END C1
Oversize, 23W x 10.5H

Key Cel
Original Matching Background

Added 11/15/2010
Updated 10/27/2013
Episode 12 (Sakura’s Neverending Day), cut 302A. When Sakura seals The Time, instead of coming to her, it glides over to Syaoran instead, who accepts it with a smile.

“It’s no use,” Kero-chan explains to the frustrated Cardcaptor. “He was the one who broke its power. So the Card belongs to him.” Sequence numbers: A1 tome (Kero-chan), C1 (Sakura).

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This episode is a turning point, as it shows that Syaoran is a serious rival in Sakura’s quest to recover the Clow Cards. At every step he over-rules Kero’s ineffective advice, and he executes a brilliant plan to overcome this stubborn and powerful entity.

So why does he feel compelled to use The Time in the very next episode to allow Sakura to capture The Power?

Ah, but if you pay attention to the previous episode, you see that Syaoran at first tries to capture The Sword by attacking Rika with his weapon. Sakura, horrified at the possibility that he might injure her friend, grabs his arm and pulls him out of combat. (A good thing, as The Sword can slice through anything, presumably including Syaoran’s blade and the Li Ceremonial Robes as well.)

Then she shows him something he didn’t know: by distracting the possessed Rika-chan, she manages to knock the weapon out of her hand. Then she is able to capture the Card in a non-lethal way. It’s a new trick for Syaoran, who knows the principle of Clow’s magic but isn’t nearly as quick-witted in combat as Sakura can be.

But the lesson is not lost on him. In this episode he uses the same trick to get The Time to drop the hourglass that contains its power. Then the Card can be captured without risk. It’s Syaoran’s Card, but he got it using the new skill he learned from Sakura.

So he owes her one.

Caution! Fussy Notes

This is a huge master set-up, the cels measuring 17½ x 10 inches and the original background being even longer, fully 23 x 10½ inches. The cels have, unfortunately, suffered visible line fading, especially under the “hot” orange paint used for Kero, and the background, being much longer than the cels, has been battered on both ends. (Click the thumb to see the entire background without the cel overlays.)

This background did a lot of work, too. According to notes on the top right corner, and a stamped label on the back, it was used for this and three other scenes. In two of these (285 and 286) it backed Syaoran using an ofuda card to attack The Time. Then it was used in the cut described above, and then again in the very next cut to back a pan cel of Syaoran smugly showing off his new Clow Card..

The top edge of the background contains several penciled indication of where the cels for each cut would be placed, so that the audience would not immediately notice that it was being recycled over and over.

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