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Shinku’s injury hits home
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Added 11/15/2010
Updated 1/25/2016
Cut 40. Then Shinku tries to button up her blouse, as she has done many times before. As she struggles to do this, suddenly it hits home what her injury means: she is no longer in perfect condition. And only perfect dolls have the right to become Alice.

And suddenly Shinku’s eyes widen with terror and her impassive façade simply crumbles in front of us.

This genga came by itself in the lot, although if you screen the cut you can see Shinku’s left arm fumbling with the button, so there must have been a series of partial gengas that went with this. No matter: it’s this image that I really wanted.

See how the odd perspective, seemingly looking from the floor up to Shinku's terrified face, emphasizes the emotion here. One expects the doll to keel straight over. The implied three-dimensionality of her watch-spring hair curls, which are dangling in front of her, is realized with immense animation skill.

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