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Shinku at her most vulnerable: A1
Source: TV
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Added 11/15/2010
Updated 9/18/2016
Cut 45. The rules of the “Alice Game” come tumbling out: Alice is the noblest flower, she stammers out, the purest of gems, the immaculate, perfect creation. “And I am the doll that needs to be perfect,” she concludes.

Caution! Fussy Notes

The cut is the emotional centerpiece of “The Scene,” and the image above lingers on the screen for ten seconds, so it needed to be sharp. This sketch set came with two complete images, the A1/B3/C1 seen above, and an A2/B6/C2 image featured in the next item. Also included were three partial gengas, two mouth layers (B1, B4) and an extra flowing tears layer (C3). Two shuuseis corrected the B1 and B4 mouth layers.

Office F&O made a rilezu from this cut. As the douga set that I got was complete, this must have been sold with a “clean-up douga” that they made from the originals. The dougas included five A layers of Shinku’s face: the A1 and A5 END are partials, with six B layers (mouth) and six C layers (flowing tears).

In the thumbnail I’ve featured the nice A2 inbetweener douga, showing the sad Shinku pausing for a moment and dropping her head.

Update May 9, 2015: Happily, the layout from this broken set showed up on the market and now is added as the second thumb. Though preliminary, it is very handsomely sketched and well worth a visit.

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