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Asatte no Hōkō 3: Episode 7

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A Talk about the Past: B1/D1
Source: TV
Layers: 1
Sketches: 3
Cel Number: B1 D1
Oversize, 10.25W x 12.75H

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Added 11/14/2010
Updated 11/9/2014
Here is the genga that goes with the first part of this scene (cut 100). Notice how much more cheerful Shōko is compared with the layout. As the screen cap shows, however, her mood was shifted back more toward serious as planning went on (as the screen cap shows).

The thumbs share the rough and the shuusei rough for this moment. The first sketch, on light-salmon paper, is the work of Masahiro Fujii (notice his customary “Yoroshiku onegaishimasu” on the right side). The partial shuusei on light-green paper is Ikuko Itō’s “jolly” response. Both are nice, but notice in particular the posing of Karada’s left leg, bent beside her as she squats on the floor. Ito obviously went and looked at someone sitting like that with no socks on, as the final shuusei presents her foot (and all five toes!) in a different and more comfortable position.

This is interesting, as this part of Karada’s foot falls outside of the frame in the final footage and so is not seen by anyone (except by you, right now).

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