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Suiseiseki: “Fly!”
Source: TV
Layers: 1
Sketches: 2
Cel Number: A1, B2
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Added 9/1/2010
Updated 4/11/2019
Episode 4: "Suiseiseki" (翠星石 Jade Stern), cut 215. Introduced to the irascible Suiseiseki [Jade Star], Jun finds that this doll has the power to enter his “dream world,” a surreal fantasy world that is a collage of things he likes and fears. Chased by a monster made out of examination papers, he finds himself trapped on top of a towering wall of school desks. Then he turns to find Suiseiseki calmly hovering in mid-air behind him.

“Fly!” she commands Jun. “This is your dream, so you can do whatever you like.”

Featured above is the very fine genga, with the rough in the thumbnail. That sketch is likely by the animation director for this episode (and also for Ep. 9), Noriyuki Fukuda [福田紀之 or ふくだ のりゆき]. This hardworking animator has a lengthy resume ranging from the CCS Movie 1 (gengas) to chief animation direction of the long-running Bakugan Battle Brawlers series. Compare the right eye in both: the rough suggests concern for the bothersome human and the frankly stupid monster he’s summoned up, while the genga above shows a more clinical attitude, more like that of a good psychotherapist.

(Of course Sui’s ability to unlock the doorway to dreams and physically explore her patient’s subconscious is indeed something any shrink would give his or her immortal soul to command.)

The sketch set came with two more gengas plus an annex to the A1 genga that works out the details of the doll’s costume underneath the ribbon. That was necessary, as the ribbon floats up and down during the cut, exposing these details from time to time. Move ahead to see the dougas reanimated to show how this cut worked.

This powerful scene (after which poor Jun does jump off the tower of desks and try to fly, though not very successfully) is summed up by this fine image of Sui, very much in eerie “goddess mode,” hair billowing in the air. The expression, too, is remarkably complex: she despises Jun, first for being human, second for being such a “chibi” (small-minded) personality. Yet her expression is not simply contemptuous, but professional, mingled with a degree of pity.

And of course she’s right: before Jun can grow, he has to learn to dream bigger and more intense nightmares.


Suiseiseki, Rozen Maiden #3, is one of a matched set of “gardener” dolls, both of whom have mismatched eyes (seen in the screen cap above). She is the most emotional of the characters, often fluctuating violently between rage and sorrow.

She also is the one who arrives with the most complicated backstory. This has to do with her troubled relationship with her “twin,” Souseiseki.

The two names mean “Jade Star” and “Lapis Star,” which, interestingly enough, describe the colors of the mismatched eyes both dolls have. They were designed to be complementary in nature: Suiseiseki’s power is to make things grow, while Souseiseki’s is to prune and cut back.

But in fact they have distinct personalities, and Sou (for short) seems quite happy to have a life distinct from Sui, to her despair. So their off-and-on-again partnership forms a major plot thread in both seasons of this series.

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