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Suiseiseki Shocked: A1
Source: TV
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Cel Number: A1
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Added 7/14/2010
Updated 4/11/2019
Ep. 9, cut 80. Suiseiseki and the others enter the dream world again and locate her twin, Souseiseki, who’s initially in a trance. When they bring her back to consciousness, to Sui’s horror they learn that Sou has relinquished her rosa mystica, the little spirit that gives the dolls their magical powers, to their arch enemy Suigintou. This image shows the first part of this scene, in which Sui reacts in shock to this news.

Featured is the A1 genga, a lovely image of this character in a sad, vulnerable mood. The thumbs show the copy layout (a much clunkier drawing) and the “shuusei no shuusei” (final correction), certainly by chief animation director Kumi Ishii, pointing up the expression in a lovely way.


Episode 9, "Ori" (檻 [The Prison]), brings the dark “watchmaker” story arc to conclusion. It was co-directed by Kenichi Kawamura [川村 賢一] (CCS Movie 2, Devil May Cry, Hunter x Hunter, Tenjho Tenge) and Shigetaka Ikeda [池田 重隆] (Monster, X [TV series]). Animation director for this episode (and also for Ep. 4) was Noriyuki Fukuda [福田紀之 or ふくだ のりゆき], a hardworking animator with a lengthy resume ranging from the CCS Movie 1 (gengas) to chief animation direction of the long-running Bakugan Battle Brawlers series.


What are these Rosa Mystica spirits anyhow? It’s hard to tell, as both the manga and anime are (probably wisely) vague about how the Dollmaker Rozen gave his creations the abilities to move around on their own and do magic.

The names of the spirits also give no clear hints: Sougintou’s “Meimei,” refers to “darkness,” while Souseiseki’s “Lempicka,” is the name of a brand of perfume.

Most enigmatic is Shinku’s spirit companion ホーリエ, which the manga and anime versions transliterate “Holie” or “Hollier.” But ホーリエル is “Holy El,” used in Japanese as a name for an angel or even as a title for the Judeo-Christian God. (“Elohim,” “God of Gods,” is the common Hebrew title of God in the Bible.) And ホーリーベル of course is “Holy Bell,” the goddess Belldandy’s indwelling angel.

So probably “Holy” is the right English rendering of this spirit’s name. (Kirakishou, the final Rozen Maiden to appear in the second story arc, has a spirit companion named ルちリエ or “Rosary.”)

So one might infer that the German dollmaker Rozen was a rogue Catholic priest or Jewish rabbi who had learned secrets of ceremonial magick. The story recalls the Polish legend of the rabbi who created a “golem,” a mechanical creature artificially animated with the help of one of the divine names of God.

An Swiss-Austrian legend, similarly, tells of two shepherds who constructed a doll as a helper and brought it to life through an impious imitation of baptism. (See Max Luthi, Once Upon a Time: On the Nature of Fairy Tale, Chapter 6.)

Neither legend ends well, and both probably influenced Mary Shelley's gothic novel Frankenstein, which she began on a vacation to the Swiss Alps after an evening of reading a book of German ghost stories.

So the "Rosa Mystica" (in Christianity a name given to the Virgin Mary) might be the divine spark, perhaps a version of the unspeakable name of God, that the blasphemous wizard has used to give his creations something like a human soul.

In any case, it's an intriguing mystery, like many in this series, rooted deeply in both German and Japanese supernatural folklore.

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