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Suiseiseki Shocked: A2 (Angry version)
Source: TV
Layers: 1
Sketches: 3
Cel Number: A2
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Added 7/14/2010
Updated 7/21/2015
Cut 80. The continuation of this cut (planned as a single sequence with Cut 78), after the semi-conscious Sou defends his decision, illustrates an interesting change of the animators’ mind. As you can see from the early version, Sui was initially intended to react in rage, and her words make this clear: “You’re talking as if you’re still asleep,” Sui tells Sou:”Do I need to slap you awake again?” And indeed, she jumps up to give her sister another swat. This makes sense, as we’ve seen Sui react with violent rage when Sou refused to consider her ideas.

Featured is the layout, and the first thumb gives a genzu that shows that, at one point, the studio was about to make Sui look even more rabid than she does here. But Noriyuki Fukuda, the episode’s animation director, didn’t go along: while Sui is horrified at Sou’s capitulation, she’s more saddened than angered. So the animators took this cut in a different direction. Fukuda’s rough (second thumb) tones down the anger, though Sui still looks mad and even a little supercilious at this point.

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