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Natsuki with Chibi-Batanan
Source: TV
Layers: 2
Sketches: 3
Cel Number: A1, B1
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Added 5/5/2010
Updated 8/23/2019
Episode 20: A Mysterious Dome, cut 220. In the first part of this mysterious adventure, Natsuki and Batanan have gone beneath a strange glowing dome that has appeared over part of the city, looking for the police squads that have previously investigated but failed to return. Suddenly, Batanan morphs back into a child, or, rather, a puppy/kid hybrid. He retains his bounty hunter expertise, however, and so he and Natsuki manage to capture a petty crook who comes their way.

In this cut, they watch the police car carry the culprit away; then Natsuki asks Batanan if he is all right. Initially he acts tough, saying it was no problem, but then he winces and admits that he’d skinned his knee in the capture.

Featured above is the nice rough genga, scanned against the copy layout for context, and the thumbnails show the A1/B1 genga and the copy layout. The set came with several partial gengas for the rest of the action, which I've sampled in the next item.

The episode director for this episode was Shinya Sadamitsu [貞光紳也], an experienced artist who worked on a variety of other series, including Gundam Wing and Fushigi Yuugi, though his most notorious assignment was directing the Dragon Half OVA in 1993. His work on this episode does not have the same zaniness of that series, nor is it as moody as the second half of this adventure in Ep. 21, which was overseen by Takashi Yamazaki, later a respected “serious” movie director. Still, the way the nostalgic mood generated by the “under-the-dome” world is effective, and Chibi-Batanan is cute.

The rough sketch featured above is likely by the episode's animation director, Yasunari Nitta [新田 靖成], who like other HP artists, worked on Fancy Lala , then a long list of other projects. These include the Cardcaptor Sakura Movie and <>Excel Saga<>(gengas), and Super Doll Licca-chan (animation direction). His first elaborate assignment was the 2001 CGI harem comedy Sister Princess, for which he was overall director and character designer. He then moved up in the animation field as character designer and chief animation director for Maburaho (2003-04). Since then he has received many assignments for character design (Kaze no Stigma, Our Home’s Fox Deity) and chief animation director (Listen to Me, Girls. I Am Your Father! Outbreak Company, The Great Passage, Tsukigakirei).

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