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Usagi-chan de Cue!!
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Added 5/5/2010
Updated 3/23/2017
Matogi Haru is a normal high school male whose passion is Mimika, a cute white rabbit that he keeps in a hutch on the roof of his school. Mikami Inaba is a tough female street fighter who enjoys setting up matches with rough and ready guys, also on the high school roof. One day she takes a hit that knocks her through the hutch and over the side. During her fall, the bad girl and the cute bunny merge personalities, and the result is a bunny-girl with a bipolar complex.

The Mimika aspect has blonde hair, white bunny ears tipped with black, and a fluffy tail that sticks out from her skirt. Like Noelle in Tenshi ni Narumon, she is emotionally attached to her human “owner,” glomping and snuggling with him whenever decently possible. (This is awkward, as Matogi already has a girlfriend to whom he is attracted in the normal human way.)

However, when a chance for a fight with some tough customers appears, she changes into her Mikami aspect. This makes her (to Sensei’s mind) a much more interesting character. She retains her original brawling spirit, but she now has black (actually dark chocolate brown) rabbit ears and enhanced fighting skills thanks to the lapine alertness and high jumps she has inherited from her other self.

This 3-episode hentai OVA from 2001-02, produced by Pink Pineapple (a hardworking producer of animated erotica) was one of the last anime series produced using cels. In content it’s somewhat slight, and the opportunities taken for fan service are frequent, annoyingly so. As Mimika shows us everything she’s got in the first five minutes, including an improbably ample bust, she becomes tedious, and her Mikami transformations are as welcome as the arrival of Meilin in CCS or of Bad Girl in Condition Green, both of whom this female Usagi Yojimbo resembles.

The series picked up artistic class, thanks to the work of animation director Yuji Moriyama, an experienced artist whose prior credits included character design and/or animation direction for a number of sensuous but respectable series, including All Purpose Cultural Cat Girl Nuku Nuku, another hybrid female concept, plus the Rumiko Takahashi projects Maison Ikkoku and Urusei Yatsura. (Plus he'd just done Gensomaden Saiyuki and the Requiem movie, so how could Sensei not like it?).

While some of the art is hentai, much of it is just ecchi (panty shots abound and bras are evidently illegal in this fantasy world). And quite a bit is just plain good animation art, in character design or in action. For a wider range of Usagi-chan art, visit Nork22’s Small Cel Gallery, septalrage (Caution under-18ers! Bare nipples!), and Massacrist Manslayer.

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