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Mimika Jealous of Miku
Source: OVA
Layers: 2
Sketches: 1
Cel Number: A17 END, B5
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Added 5/5/2010
Updated 12/19/2016
This is from the same scene: only now the roles are reversed from the Ep. 1 bedroom encounter, and Mimika is about to enter the room to interrupt Matogi and Miku snuggling. Except she stops and suddenly realizes that her beloved “owner” will always be physically attracted to his own kind rather than to bunny-girls. It’s a painful insight, and while the studio realizes it in a comic way, ala Tennimon, it’s still a clever turnabout in the series’ thin but capable plot. (Golly, how much porn even has a plot in the Western world?)

This bright cel shows shows the Tennimonesque design of this series at its best. The quivering eyebrows, eye highlights, and mouth were on a separate B5 layer that, surprisingly, was not stuck at all to the A17 END head-and-body layer. That was, however, stuck tight to the douga, but came loose with gentle encouragement.

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