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Suiseiseki in an Intimate Moment with Jun
Source: TV
Layers: 1
Sketches: 2
Cel Number: A1 END
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Added 5/4/2010
Updated 1/8/2018
Episode 8: Souseiseki - Lapisalazuli Stern, cut 267. In the middle of the night, Jun rolls over and starts to head for the bathroom, when he discovers Suiseiseki out of her case, crying. He asks what’s wrong, and to his surprise, she turns on him violently, knocking him off his feet; then she kneels between his legs, her eyes glimmering and flowing with tears.

The fracas gets Hina-ichigo and Shinku out of their cases: the first is wide-eyed with curiosity about the grown up nighttime world, while the other, true to her nature, suspects the worst.

“So what did you do to her?” she demands, while Jun, completely at a loss, mumbles incoherently.

Why is Suiseiseki crying? Ah – that’s a major plot spoiler. Go watch the episode. Meantime, pour me a cup of black tea and I’ll let you look at the nice A1 END douga (first thumb, minus teensy mouth layers for Shinku and Jun) and the top of the NOMAD timing sheet that came with this set (second thumb).

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