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Madoushi Ensnares Sakura: Reanimation
Source: Movie
Layers: 1
Sketches: 12
Cel Number: A1-A12
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Added 3/8/2010
Updated 10/18/2015

Finally, here are all twelve gengas put into the form of a reanimation. Most of the credit is due to the redoubtable Vampyreshoujo, but I tweaked it a little by making the two moments when Madoushi releases the ribbons run a little faster. This seemed to give these parts of the cut the "snap" they had in the final form on the DVD.

Watch that pony tail and see how much force its swishes to right and left give this cut. It is interesting to see how quickly this cut develops, given the amount of complicated animation detail that Madhouse lavished on it. But without the detail work, it would be a generic "Take that! and that!" moment instead of a deadly attack.

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