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Cardcaptor Sakura 15: Episode 42 (Sakura and the Cultural Festival Blackout)

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Transfiguration: A3
Source: TV
Layers: 1
Sketches: 2
Cel Number: A3, A4
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Added 2/24/2010
Updated 1/16/2017
At first Sakura is puzzled at the change, but then suddenly she sees the reason: she can still see herself, even in the middle of infinite, impenetrable darkness, because there is light coming from within her.

Here is the original genga for this landmark moment, which has been rejoined with the rest of the sketches for the rest of this cut. (If you enter the secret password "seemorestuff," you can go back and see the partial A2 pan genga.)

In October, 2008, I obtained a sketch set that included gengas from the last part of this cut. The sketches of Sakura were numbered A7 to A11, with four planned in-betweeners between each of these key images. But I got a complete run of gengas for the ball of light that emerges from Sakura's heart, from its first appearance to the cut’s end, when it spreads to brighten nearly the whole frame. There were also two mouth-layer gengas that went with the early “transfiguration” part of this cut.

I guessed then that the sketch pack must have been split up, with the earlier gengas of Sakura retained by the seller or sold separately.

Sure enough, after a lot of patient watching, a second set did appear in February 2010. This contained exactly the pieces missing from the first batch, including a shuusei for the A7 that had inadvertently been kept with the earlier set.

So now we can see all the Sakura genga keys from A2 through A11, with five inbetweeners.

Caution! Fussy Notes

The genga adds to what I've inferred from the variety of cels that have come up on the market: this critical scene was animated more than once, and possibly three times judging from the variations found.

The genga seems to resemble most of the test (or reject) cels, in having Sakura's longest right hair strand in shadow, rather than in highlight. The throat jewel, half-shadowed in the final version, is completely in shadow in this sketch. Nevertheless, the face and hands are dead-on with the screen cap and with some of the tests I've seen. So the first batch of cels, later rejected and replaced by the second set, was based on this genga.

The thumbnail adds the A4 genga, which is partial and shows only the extreme positions of the waving hair and robes.

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