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Madoushi's Final Attack: C1-C2
Source: TV
Layers: 1
Sketches: 1
Cel Number: C1
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Added 2/22/2010
Updated 10/18/2015
Scene 37, cut 14. Having finally incapacitated her annoying adversary with her magic ribbons, Madoushi hovers over her. "Now tell me," she sternly demands, "Where is Clow Reed."

"He's no longer alive," Sakura says.

"That's not true!" the powerful spirit replies.

"It is true," Sakura insists. "He died a long time ago!"

"You LIE!"

And at this, Madoushi gives her a long, hard, silent look.

This is a crucial turning point in this plot, and the animators give it everything they had. As you can see, the animators realize the character in a complete front-on portrait that covers the oversized movie mode genga sheet. But in fact the scene was photographed in a tight close-up. The box in this sketch is in fact the frame, and nothing outside of it was ever intended to be visible to anyone except the rest of the animation team.

Yet, in the lucid-dreaming detail of the best anime, the entire image is still there, as if, somehow, Madoushi was supposed to be peeking through the movie screen or DVD monitor, with the rest of her deadly form latently present, waiting to jump out into the room to scare the daylights out of the viewer.

This whole cut is astonishing in many ways, from its tense, silent start to the colossal deluge at its end, and so I've shared many of its images. The A1 featured above is one of the finest (though there is better to come), and I've added the A2 in the thumbnail, showing the start of her next nervous move.

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