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Madoushi's Final Attack: C9
Source: Movie
Layers: 1
Sketches: 2
Cel Number: C9
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Added 2/21/2010
Updated 9/26/2013
Oh, yowzers! Madoushi now glowers at the poor entangled Cardcaptor, as if pausing a moment to decide exactly how many deaths she is going to make Sakura die in return for what she has just said.

It's worth looking at the sketch in the thumbnail to see the gengaman's effort: good, but too much drama too soon. The shuusei instead backs off, and yet that little tight-lipped moment in the middle is the one that raises this cut from being exciting and full of action to genuinely hair-raising.

Here the character herself is exposed: hurt, angry, homicidal, and -- yes, you can see it in the tightness of the face -- deathly frightened in her heart of hearts. Now she can't afford any more halfway measures: this bothersome girl needs to be put away and for good.

Because if she's not put away ... ah ... there's the rub.

Yowzers indeed. This image, gone in a fraction of a second, seems to embody the immensely sad resolution that is to follow.

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