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Mystery Witch
Source: TV
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Added 2/17/2010
Updated 3/23/2016
An old woman with gapped teeth and fangy fingernails sits with a raven on her shoulder and a slightly cross-eyed cat in her lap. I’m assuming she’s a witch, and the circular border at the bottom of the painted image is where you’d see a huge cauldron, where she might be happily poisoning an apple or preparing a tasty batch of kodomo nabe. Sequence number: A6

I love this image: but does anyone know the series from which it comes? The cel has had a rough go, with a crease in the lower left quadrant and two rips in the acetate on the bottom, so I’m guessing it predates the time when studios routinely released cels to jobbers for resale to collectors.

Thanks to Lisa of Luna Art’s Sailor Moon Cel Gallery for letting me adopt this homeless cel.

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