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Tenchi Muyo GXP: Fuku
Source: TV
Layers: 1
Sketches: 3
Cel Number: C2
Standard size

No Background

Added 2/17/2010
Updated 3/23/2016
This genga shows Fuku, the young cabbit in the Tenchi Muyo GXP: Galaxy Police Transporter series. Fuku was created after the Kamidake I (embodied by the more famous cabbit Ryo-Ohki) was destroyed by pirates. Washu then created The Kamidake II, and Fuku, who looks like her brother Ryo-Ohki but wears a bell around her neck, is the heart of this battleship’s computer. Fuku is short for Koufuku, meaning Good Luck.

Here she seems to be trying out a new connection with the battleship’s hardware, judging from the cables coming from the cap on her head. Either that, or she’s trying very hard to look cool.

The thumbnails show two images from the same cut. In the C3 genga, Fuku slyly reaches up to press a button on her cap that causes her shades to retract. Then in the C5 END she gives this new piece of equipment her approval.

While I can’t place this cut in the series, when it showed up on eBay in July 2005, the character design proved too cute to resist.

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