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Tenchi Muyo: Ryoko
Source: TV
Layers: 1
No sketches available
Cel Number: C10
Standard size

No Background

Added 2/17/2010
Updated 3/23/2016
Everyone needs to own at least one Ryoko cel. This one (from cut 103 of an unidentified episode) is actually the second cel that I ever bought and the first from Anime Chaos, back on September 25, 2000. It became the guardian spirit for my first cel book and ever since has been glaring at intruders through its translucent gray front cover.

Notice the way in which the coloring on the two strands of hair on the left have been corrected by painting on the front of the cel. AIC seems to have been especially fond of using both sides of the cel for painting, as I've since seen instances of these from both Vampire Princess Miyu and Magic Knight Rayearth ("Studio CLAMP" seems to have been largely an AIC spin-off project.)

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