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Inuyasha Flying with Kagome
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Added 11/19/2009
Updated 4/13/2017
Episode 155: The Demon who Guards the Sacred Jewel Fragment, cut 77. The Inu-tachi have penetrated into the yokai graveyard that is the boundary between two worlds and are traveling to the remains of Inuyasha’s father. Here Inuyasha is flying on the back of a strange skeleton bird toward their destination. Kagome is concerned how intense her protector has become, and Inuyasha turns and sternly warns her to remain alert: their arch-enemy Naraku already lies in wait for them in this world. This cut appears at about 7:41 in the episode.

This series included three rough gengas, of which this one, from the start of the cut, is the most complete. It is quite similar to other sketches that I have attributed to this episode’s animation director, Mamiko Nakanishi, particularly this rough genga of Kagome from later in the same episode.

The first thumbnail shows a second, partial rough with Inuyasha turning to talk to Kagome (a third, not imaged, showed only Kagome). The second is a typical douga (B8) from the middle of the series showing Inuyasha turning toward where the rest of Kagome's body would be.

All of the dougas from this sketch set were partials, and for a relatively short, uncomplicated scene they made for quite a thick pack of paper: A1-A2 (the skeleton-bird’s wings gliding), B1-B16 (Inuyasha and part of Kagome’s body) plus a B base layer (Kagome’s back and quiver of arrows), C1-C24 plus three C base layers (Kagome’s face and fluttering hair), and D1-D3 (Inuyasha mouth layer). Total: forty-six separate images on four independently moving layers.

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