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Noir Sakura
Source: TV
Layers: 1
Sketches: 1
Cel Number: B7
Standard size

Key Cel
Copy Unmatching Background

Added 9/30/2009
Updated 8/24/2013
Episode 14. Samurai Japan, cut 10. The episode begins with some comic byplay where Natsuki and Sakura are admiring the rewards they got from their previous job. Natsuki has a new cat’s bell, while Sakura has a shiny new gun that shoots mithril-tipped bullets. At the end of this comic moment (you can see the gengas in another gallery), their collar steps out of a dark corridor behind them. Sakura, hearing him, turns and instinctively brings up that brand-new weapon of hers. Sequence number: B7 (key).

The copy background that came with this cel is unmatching but goes well with it, as the original scene takes place in a similarly claustrophobic dark alley.

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