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“You Laughed!”
Source: TV
Layers: 1
No sketches available
Cel Number: B17
Standard size

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Added 9/30/2009
Updated 7/30/2018
Episode 6: Heart with Wings, Kinda. In one of the most beautifully realized scenes in the series, Natsumi dives into the pool where Noelle has crash-landed after one of her abortive efforts to fly. At first Natsumi is frightened that the feather-brain has really hurt herself in the fall. But when she touches Noelle underwater and she opens her eyes,. Natsumi involuntarily chuckles a bit in relief. When they surface together, the older girl scolds the fledgling for her recklessness, but her angry words simply run off Noelle’s back.

“Natsumi!” she exclaims to her senpai. “You laughed just now, didn’t you!”

It’s true: and so Natsumi is shocked by the insight about herself instead of being irritated by the youngster’s cheekiness. Sequence number: B17

I bought this piece of art paper to put at the bottom of the cel to give the illusion of water, but it looked so good behind the top (suggesting Natsumi’s temporary confusion of mind) that I used a lighter solid piece at the bottom instead.

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