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Fight goes in for the kill
Source: TV
Layers: 1
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Cel Number: A7
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Added 8/15/2009
Updated 4/25/2017
Episode: 20 (Sakura and the Fighting Exchange Student). Having finally worn down the clever but ultimately flesh-and-blood opponent Meilin, The Fight is unexpectedly distracted by that klutzy Cardcaptor in the battle costume that makes her look fat. That importunate fool supposes that just because she has a little Power in that bird-headed wand, that she’s going to be able to mix it up with Clow Reed’s ultimate kickbox machine.

So The Fight makes a feint and gets Sakura to strike wildly, burying her staff deep in the ground. Then, circling from the opposite direction, she commits fully to a devastating stiff-arm blow, the force of her whole body behind it.

Yes, yes, the Card reasons, moving inside on that pesky Chinese girl was a bad idea and when she fell for that “missed punch” trick, she left herself open for a serious hit. But this opponent is hardly Mailin’ Ray, ne? And so there’s no good reason not to go inside for the quick knockout, right? So sayonara, Sakura-san! Sequence number: A7

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Heh. It never pays to underestimate those quick-as-a-wink Cardcaptor reflexes. It’s a great pity that we never see Sakura use this Card offensively, as I bet, with a few suggestions from Fight-san, that her cheerleading routine would make quite an interesting martial arts attack mode a la Son Goku from Saiyuki.

I watched this intense action cel on YJ for several weeks before finally weakening and acquiring it. Like all images of this Card, it embodies Fight’s intense, totally alien desire to dominate at all costs. I’ve suggested the original’s background with a piece of art paper. Don't miss the unusually well executed douga in the thumbnail.

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