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Woozy Goku
Source: TV
Layers: 1
Sketches: 3
Cel Number: A1
Standard size

No Background

Added 7/15/2009
Updated 7/19/2009
This image of poor Goku makes him look very queasy and vulnerable, about to slide over to the right. This genga came with two background images, which label the scene as cut 181 of an unidentified episode/series, showing clouds of steam (smoke? poison gas?) coming up around him on all sides. The sketching was, as often with this series, unusually complete, finishing the hair strands well outside the safety and up over and around the registration holes.

Tex-chan has an A5 genga that comes from the same cut, during which Goku weaves woozily back and forth. She believes this is from Saiyuki Reload, Episode 10, during which the Sanzo-tachi visit an onsen, or hot springs bath. That would make sense, given Goku's undress, wetness, and drowsiness. It would also make clear that the clouds in the background drawings are steam rising from the bath.

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