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Source: TV
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Cel Number: A2
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Added 7/15/2009
Updated 6/16/2022
This dramatic image of Kamisama, the Sanzo-tachi's antagonist in the Reload cycle, shows him falling rapidly backward, his hair flying dramatically over and around his head. This is one character I've looked to add to my gallery for some time, and I thank Titania for letting me make an offer on it.

My friend Tex-chan, owner of many even more wonderful Kamisama sketches, owns the layout that goes with this genga,, and her gallery explains that this sketch is from Saiyuki Reload, Episode 22: "The Broken -- Pain." The screencap above comes from her gallery with permission. See her page for a full synopsis of this dramatic scene (some spoilers!)

Love those pearls, each one with a tiny highlight.

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