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Kagome under Attack
Source: TV
Layers: 1
Sketches: 3
Cel Number: A1
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Added 7/14/2009
Updated 5/31/2017
Episode: 120 (Goodbye: Jakotsu’s Requiem), cut 264. At the very end of this episode, a host of demons comes rushing out of Mt. Hakurei in the direction of Kagome, who reacts with this very characteristic expression of alarm. This moment appears at 21:01 of the show.


Director and storyboards: Satoshi Toba [鳥羽 聡]
Animation Director: Rie Nakajima [中島 里恵]

Toba did many of the action-oriented adventures in the series, and Rie Nakajima was one of Inuyasha's most prolific animation directors (29 episodes). In Rumic World's Inuyasha Director Guide, Dylan Acres calls her "one of my favorites," adding, "Her designs stay very consistent and clean throughout her two dozen episodes. She has a very expressive and fluid style and her work is often a showcase of fluid animation."

The rough, featured above, is similar in style and appearance to another sketch of a startled Kagome from Ep. 155, also a Nakajima effort.

Click the first thumbnail for the first of two layouts (the second, not imaged, shows an eyeblink). The handwriting and drawing style on these layouts are similar to those from Ep. 155. But they don’t look like Kagome – so I assume they must be the work of a junior artist who worked with Nakajima.

Notice also that the layout artist drew Kagome's arrows standing stiffly up and down, while, as the little drawing at the top of the rough illustrates, the quiver slung across her back would carry them lying at an angle.

This sketch set also came with eight dougas: A1-A6 (face) and B1-B2 (an eye glimmer added to the partial A6 image). Click the second thumb for the A1 douga.

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