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Kōga battling a Panther Tribe warrior: rough/layout 4
Source: TV
Layers: 1
Sketches: 3
Cel Number: 4
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Added 7/14/2009
Updated 2/7/2016
This rough shows Kōga, still smiling sardonically, preparing his next move, as Shuran begins to lift his left over his shoulder, coming slowly but steadily onward.

By comparison, look at the very full sketch that Hata suggested in the layout. In this artist’s mind, the Panther tribe warrior would have to use his legs to pull that fist back out, bringing his momentum to an unsteady halt. So the fight moves forward through a series of lunges, stops, lurches back, and awkward advances. Oddly, Kōga seems much more timid in these sketches, keeping farther away from the big brawler.

The rough above seems to be the true Kōga, though: he’s enjoying himself and taking pride in taunting his enemy by staying just barely out of reach.

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