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Kōga battling a Panther Tribe warrior: rough 8, layouts 8 and 9
Source: TV
Layers: 1
Sketches: 3
Cel Number: 8, 9
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Added 7/14/2009
Updated 2/7/2016
There is a short pause in the action, with the 7 keys in both series (not imaged) showing the giant stuck in the dirt for a moment, while Kōga lands a short distance in front of him. (Stacie’s Serenity has the A17 cel that corresponds to the 7th rough key.)

But here the two animators noticeably part company. Hata, in the layout above, seems to show Shuran having more trouble than before in pulling his arm out, while Kōga nervously keeps his distance. Then, in the 9 key (first thumb) he shows Shuran staggering to his feet, while Kōga covers his mouth in a rude giggle.

Kurata, perhaps responding to one of the pink sheets with instructions, combines the layout keys 8 and 9 into one (second thumb) simply showing Shuran straining a bit more that before but continuing to move forward, while Kōga, his legs poised for another dodge, watches him closely. He’s still enjoying baiting this brute, but he takes out no time for any giggle. A good thing, because … [move on to the next item]

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