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Inuyasha confronts a modern-day mugger: 1
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Added 7/13/2009
Updated 2/7/2016
Episode: 82 (Gap Between the Ages), cut 148. Kagome needs to return to her world to take a math test, and Inuyasha, bored with waiting for her to come back, follows her. He puts on the baseball cap that covers his furry ears, which, in some occult way, prevents everyone from noticing that he is actually a half-human, half dog-yōkai hybrid in medieval warrior garb. Wandering around the streets while his companion is attending classes, he quickly learns that modern-day Japan is fully as dangerous a place as the feudal era from which he’s come. Here he’s confronting a Dirty-Hairy bank robber on the run from the cops, who’s just asked him “Do you feel lucky?” Inuyasha clearly does: he just steps up and decks the low-life chump.

This episode was directed by series regular Megumi Yamamoto, who also was responsible for the storyboarding and layouts. The splashy, action-oriented style of the layouts that came with this set do look quite similar to others I’ve obtained from Yamamoto episodes, especially layouts featuring Inuyasha from Episode 142 and Episode 164.

The animation directing was shared by Yoshihito Hishinuma, character designer and chief animation director for the series, and Naoko Yamamoto. In the Inuyasha Director Guide, Dylan Acres explains that Hishinuma “usually makes an appearance directing especially significant episodes” and “has a very fluid animation style and makes use of interesting camera angles.” Yamamoto likewise is noted for “a clean style,” Acres notes. Both artists subsequently worked together on the series Yakitake! Japan (2004-06), with Hishinuma contributing character design and Yamamoto key animation. It seems likely that Hishinuma took charge of this complex action sequence, especially as the sketching style resembles that in a rough for a later episode credited to him alone.

I’ve featured the animation director's very fine rough sketch above, with the layout on which it was based included in the first thumbnail. The second leads to one of those interesting genzu sketches that sometimes come in sketch sets: probably this is part of a note instructing the sakkan to angle Inuyasha’s head a little to the left and make his expression a little more intensely directed at the viewer, rather than a little downward, as in the layout.

Heh. I've always been taken by images of Inuyasha in his baseball cap, but cels came so high that I despaired of owning one. This sketch set didn't come cheap -- even roughs tend to go high for this series -- but they are a fine consolation for me, full of life and energy.

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